Language Builder

The Medlock Method Chinese Language Builder will help you use Chinese in everyday situations. The lessons are divided into themes such as Taxi Chinese, Chinese for Shopping and Chinese for entertainment. We have targeted the lessons for people who have completed Level 1. However, if you are on Unit 8 or above you could still have a go and see what you can do. We reckon you’ll be able to get something out of the lessons. For anyone who is well into Level 2 or Level 3, you will still find some value as you’ll learn a few more words, and get to practice Chinese for theses everyday situations. Last, but not least, we try to give you some cultural insight during the lessons. As a foreigner, I (Michael) will mention some of things that I have learned (code for terrible cultural mistakes I’ve made!) and Chiu will talk about her observations of foreigners from a Chinese person’s perspective.

The Chinese Language Builder lessons will be released over the coming weeks. Check in regularly to see what’s new.

Have fun!

Chinese Language Builder: Taxi Chinese
Chinese Language Builder: Shopping in Chinese
Chinese Language Builder: Hotel Chinese
Chinese Language Builder: Food & Drink
Chinese Language Builder: Travel Chinese