Level 1

Welcome to Medlock Method Chinese Level One

Here is where you begin your adventure in Chinese. Each of these lessons runs for about 20 minutes; sometimes a little more and sometimes a bit less, but set aside half-an-hour or so to allow for pausing and reviewing of some sections. You’ll need to concentrate fully during this time, so try to be somewhere away from distractions.

Before you start we have some tips on how to get the most out of  Medlock Method Chinese, in particular how to use the ASK ME TELL ME ™ exercises. It is important that you speak out loud when you are asked to perform a task. This will embed the new language into your mind and speed up your language acquisition. During an exercise we will give you some time to follow the instruction. You may find that the time is too short for you. Don’t panic! Just use the pause button and answer in your own time. If you need to go over an exercise again, then just rewind the video.

We advise most people to avoid doing too much review as we review most of the material in future lessons anyway. What’s more, in our experience too much review leads to boredom and boredom leads to demotivation. The best thing is to keep pushing on and only review if you really find yourself getting stuck.

So now dive into your first lesson!