Level 1 Unit 04

On this page, you will find the three lessons of Unit 4

Lesson 4.1

In this lesson, you will learn how to ask about someone’s age and wish them a happy birthday.

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Date/ week day/ birthday/ New Year/ Age

  • Happy New Year!
  • Happy birthday!
  • When is your birthday? On what day?
  • How old are you this year.
  • today/ tomorrow

新xīn new

年nián year

快kuài 乐lè happy

是shì to be

生shēng 日rì birthday

岁suì years old

几jǐ 岁suì how old

今jīn 年nián this year

明míng 年nián next year

Lesson 4.2

This lesson concentrates on strengthening your abilities to talk about time and dates.

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Strengthening the time, date and actions

  • It’s time to go to school/ go to work/ go to bed/ go home
  • half-past ….. (time), a quarter (time)

上shàng 学xué to go to school

回huí to return 家jiāhome

回huí 家jiā to go home

上shàng 班bān to go to work

上shàng 课kè

下xià 课kè

Lesson 4.3

In this lesson, you learn to introduce yourself.

Lesson summary and vocabulary list


  • My name is ….
  • surname
  • What’s your (honourable) name?
  • same age

姓xìng family name

丘qiū hill, a family name

贵guì honourable, expensive

贵guì 姓xìng

麦mài wheat, a family name

玉yù jade 芬fēn fragrance of flowers

叫jiào call, to be called

什shé 么me what

名míng 字zi name

德dé virtue 乐lè happiness

贵guì 姓xìng 大dà 名míng

Your full name (formal)

同tóng same 同tóng 年nián same year/ age

Audio Review

The help you consolidate what you have learned in the first unit, we have put together a quick audio review recording. The audio review will help you with your listening comprehension and remind you of some Chinese sentence patterns and vocabulary.