Level 1 Unit 05

This page contains the three lessons of Unit 5.

Lesson 5.1

In this lesson, you will learn some small talk and learn to talk about children.

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Small talk/ talking about having children

  • Are you married?
  • Have you got any children?
  • one is ….., the other one is …..
  • How old is yours?

结jié 婚hūn married

了le already

没méi haven’t

有yǒu to have

没méi 有yǒu have not

孩hái 子zi child/ children

两liăng two, a couple of, colloquial

个ge counting word

多duō 大dà how old, colloquial

一yí 个ge …..一yí 个ge one is … and the other one is…

Lesson 5.2

In this lesson, we enquire about someone’s spouse and invite them for a meal.

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Running into an acquaintance on the street and asking how each other’s spouse is doing;
Inviting each other’s family

  • long time no see!
  • husband/ wife
  • different ways of saying ‘not bad’
  • ‘呢’used to expressed ‘where’ as well as ‘ how/ what about’
  • having free time/ coming to visit us

先xiān 生shēng husband, Mr.

好hăo good, so (very)

好hăo 久jiŭ 不bú 见jiàn long time no see

是shì 啊a to express agreement

太tài 太tai wife, Mrs.

还hái still

错cuò wrong

不bú 错cuò not bad

还hái 行xíng still O.K.

可kě 以yǐ can, allowed, doable

还hái 可kě 以yǐ alright, not bad

马mă 马mă 虎hu 虎hu alright, not bad

在zài 家jiā at home

已yǐ 经jīng already

的de possessive particle

有yǒu 空kòng having free time

来lái to come

家jiā 里lǐ (my) house

玩wán to play

坐zuò to sit

好hăo 啊a O.K./ agreement

Lesson 5.3

Learning to ask if someone is in the office.

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Asking if someone is in the office

  • to be in ‘在’
  • the use of ‘should’
  • having a class
  • the use of ‘therefore’

张zhāng a common surname

老lăo 师shī old master, teacher

在zài to be located, to be in

应yīng 该gāi should

不bú 是shì isn’t/ aren’t,

啊a an expression to show something dawns on the speaker

课kè class, lesson

所suǒ 以yǐ therefore

Audio Review

The help you consolidate what you have learned in the first unit, we have put together a quick audio review recording. The audio review will help you with your listening comprehension and remind you of some Chinese sentence patterns and vocabulary.