Level 2 Unit 11

Lesson 11.1

Shopping for fruit

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Shopping for fruit

  • Bargaining
  • 怎么样 for making suggestions and asking for opinions
  • How much is one 斤(half a Kilo)?
  • 得要 must/ require

老lăo 板băn owner of a shop

这zhè 个ge this one

那nà 个ge that one

卖mài to sell

买măi to buy

香xiāng 蕉jiāo banana

一yì 斤jīn half a Kilo

多duō 少shăo how much/ how many

钱qián money

块kuài piece; measure word

贵guì expensive

苹píng 果guǒ apple

要yào to want

几jǐ 斤jīn ?How many ‘jin’?

怎zěn 么me 样yàng? what do you think?

算suàn to calculate

算suàn 你nǐ (special) price to you

还hái 是shì still

A 还hái 是shì B   A or B

几jǐ 斤jīn 。Some ‘jin’

来lái used when you order

得děi  have to 要yào want

得děi 要yào to require/ must

不bù 行xíng not allowed/ no way

赔péi  to lose/ to compensate

Lesson 11.2

Buying clothes

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

In a clothes shop, buying a birthday present for your younger brother

  • Don’t know what to do
  • 的 as in the relative clause, for example: the present that I bought
  • 多used as ‘how’ in ‘how old’ and ‘how heavy’
  • What size are you? (clothes)

服fú 装zhuāng costume/ clothes

店diàn  shop

看kàn 一yí 看kàn to have a look

不bù 知zhī 道dào 买măi 什shé么me 。

给gěi  to give

自zì 己jǐ self

送sòng to give (a present)

人rén someone else (not self)

生shēng 日rì birthday

礼lǐ 物wù a present

多duó 大dà how big/ how old

多duó 高gāo how tall

米mǐ meter

多duó 重zhòng how heavy

件jiàn  measure word for counting clothes

毛máo 衣yī  sweater/ cardigan

中zhōng 号hào size M

穿chuān  to wear

Lesson 11.3

More shopping for clothes

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Clothes shopping II

  • Verb 一 Verb, with trying connotation, for example 穿一穿
  • 好是好,可是….., It’s good but
  • Vocabulary for clothes

可kě 惜xí what a pity

羊yáng 毛máo wool

当dāng 然rán of course

贵guì 些xiē a bit more expensive

便pián 宜yí cheap/ inexpensive

件jiàn measure word for clothing

衬chèn 衫shān shirt

花huā flower; colorful

可kě 是shì  but

条tiáo measure word for trousers

裤kù 子zi trousers

裙qún 子zi skirt

素sù 素sù 的de opposite from’花‘

只zhǐ only

穿chuān to wear

牛niú 仔zăi 裤kù jeans

外wài 套tào long jacket

配pèi to match

好hăo 看kàn looking good

不bú 错cuò not bad

有yǒu there is/ there are/ to have

没méi 有yǒu  there isn’t/ there aren’t/ haven’t

最zuì 后hòu  the last

Audio Review

The help you consolidate what you have learned in this unit, we have put together a quick audio review recording. The audio review will help you with your listening comprehension and remind you of some Chinese sentence patterns and vocabulary.