Level 2 Unit 14

Lesson 14.1

Going to a movie with a friend

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Going to a movie with a friend

  • that is what I bought
  • that is what I bought while waiting for you.
  • 得下and 不下, indicates to be able or not to fit in …..

几jǐ 个ge some

三sān 明míng 治zhì sandwich

等děng to wait

鸡jī 肉ròu chicken (meat)

火huǒ 腿tuǐ ham

起qǐ 士shì cheese

生shēng 菜cài  lettuce

随suí 便biàn I am easy./ Anything will do.

随suí 便biàn 你nǐ  It’s up to you.

吃chī 不bú 下xià cannot eat any more

吃chī 得de 下xià still have room to eat

吃chī 得de 下xià 吃chī 不bú 下xià ?

帮bāng  to help out

完wán finish

撑chēng full up

还hái still

爆bào 米mǐ 花huā popcorn

一yí 定dìng definitely

可kě 乐lè cola

撑chēng  死sǐ fit to pop

Lesson 14.2

After the movie

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

After seeing a movie, saying that the movie was hilarious. How to deal with unfinished food and drinks.

  • Strengthen the use of 得下and 不下
  • 2 To help out 帮
  • 3 So full/ funny to drop to death  撑死人/ 笑死人

部bù measure word for movies

真zhēn truly/ really

好hăo 笑xiào funny

笑xiào 死sǐ人rén   hilarious

杯bēi glass/ cup/ mug

喝hē 不bú 下xià cannot drink any more

这zhè 些xiē these

没méi 吃chī 完wán 的de not finished (food)

三sān 明míng 治zhì

还hái 要yào  still want

丢diū to throw away

下xià 回huí next time

一yí 定dìng  definitely

Lesson 14.3

Talking to a friend about how busy you are

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Talking to a friend about what you have been busy doing.

  • Use of 上 and 下
  • 没忙什么。 Not really doing anything.
  • Just now / recently

等děng 一yì 会huǐ 儿(ē)r

to wait for one moment/ later

上shàng to go to


下课、下班、放fàng 学、下床/ 起床、下车

找zhăo to look for/ to visit

zuì 近jìn recently

还hái 不bù 错cuò (still) not bad

忙máng 什shé么me ?Busy doing what?

赚zhuàn 钱qián to earn money

玩wán to play/ to have leisure time

刚gāng just now

从cóng from

回huí 来lái to return

做zuò 生shēng 意yì to do business

一yì 家jiā 人rén the whole family

住zhù to live/ to stay

那nà 儿er there

房fáng 子zǐ house/ residence

住zhù 得de 下xià enough place to stay

先xiān first/ beforehand

Audio Review

The help you consolidate what you have learned in the first unit, we have put together a quick audio review recording. The audio review will help you with your listening comprehension and remind you of some Chinese sentence patterns and vocabulary.