Level 2 Unit 15

Lesson 15.1

Asking about taking the bus

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Asking a commuter how to take the bus

  • 1. Asking and giving advice
  • 2. All / every
  • 3. Giving simple direction

公gōng 车chē bus

火huǒ 车chē train

电diàn 车chē tram/ streetcar

大dà 楼lóu tall building

楼lóu floor/ story

几jǐ 路lù which number/ line (public transportation)

所suǒ 有yǒu 的de all/ any

经jīng 过guò to go past

附fù 近jìn nearby

每měi every

每měi 天tiān everyday

每měi 个ge 人rén every single person

班bān measure word for scheduled things

上shàng  to board

站zhàn  bus stop/ to stand

…..以yǐ后hòu after …..

往wăng towards 前qián front/ before

分fēn 钟zhōng minute

小xiăo 时shí  hour

Lesson 15.2

Asking for directions

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Asking for directions: how to get somewhere

Gathering tourist information: what’s worth doing or seeing

国guó 宾bīn national guest

饭fàn 店diàn hotel/ restaurant

酒jiŭ 店diàn hotel

宾bīn 馆guăn guest house

旅lǚ 馆guăn hotel

旅lǚ 行xíng to travel

哪nă 站zhàn which stop

下xià to get off/ out

刚gāng just now

昨zuó 天tiān yesterday

好hăo 玩wán 的de fun

好hăo 看kàn 的de worth looking at

故gù 宫gōng Palace Museum

颐yí 和hé 园yuán Summer Palace

北běi 海hăi Beihai

陪péi to accompany

太tài 好hăo 了le great

号hào 码mă number

几jǐ 号hào which number

房fáng room

大dà 厅tīng lobby

厅tīng hall

客kè 厅tīng

饭fàn 厅tīng

Lesson 15.3

Asking and giving directions

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Asking and giving directions

  • How long does it take to do something/ get somewhere?
  • First …. and then, expressing actions in sequence
  • Turn right/ left
  • Across from, next/ beside/ intersection….. all the terms for directions

请qǐng 问wèn may I ask

附fù 近jìn nearby

好hăo 几jǐ 个ge several

百băi 货huò 公gōng 司sī department store

最zuì 近jìn 的de the closest

走zǒu 路lù to walk

到dào to arrive

远yuăn far

近jìn close

只zhǐ 要yào only require/ need

分fēn 钟zhōng minute

前qián 面miàn front

红hóng 绿lǜ 灯dēng traffic light

右yòu 转zhuăn  to turn right

左zuǒ 转zhuăn  to turn left

然rán后hòu after that/ then

往wăng 前qián go straight ahead

大dà 约yuē approximate

路lù 口kǒu street corner/ intersection

过guò to cross

马mă 路lù road

再zài again (another action in the sequence)

就jiù 到dào 了le You are there.

就jiù just/ right

左zuǒ 手shǒu 边biān left-hand side

右yòu 手shǒu 边biān  right-hand side

对duì 面miàn opposite

旁páng 边biān beside

Audio Review

The help you consolidate what you have learned in the first unit, we have put together a quick audio review recording. The audio review will help you with your listening comprehension and remind you of some Chinese sentence patterns and vocabulary.