Level 2 Unit 17

Lesson 17.1

A family discussion

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Little family discussion

  • 是…..的
  • Using ‘的’ to express such as: the red one/ the good ones
  • 把 something Verb

条tiáo measure word, for something long and winding

裙qún 子zi skirt

谁shéi 的de whose

红hóng 的de red

绿lǚ 的de green

黄huáng yellow

蓝lán blue

收shōu 好hăo put away

为wèi 什shé么me why

叫jiào call/ call on someone to do sth.

桌zhuō 子zi table/ desk

椅yǐ子zi  chair

沙shā 发fā sofa

床chuáng  bed

放fàng put

泡pào to brew tea/ instant coffee

煮zhŭ to cook

收shōu 走zǒu to take away

女nǚ 儿ér daughter

Lesson 17.2

A busy schedule

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Talking to a friend about your busy schedule

  • Use of adjectives
  • Favourite things/ the thing one wants to do the most
  • Sequence: first, then and then

好hăo good

坏huài  bad

新xīn new

旧jiù old

老lăo old/ long time

男nán  male

女nǚ  female

贵guì expensive

便pián 宜yí cheap

聪cōng 明míng clever

笨bèn stupid/ clumsy

要yào 好hăo close

最zuì the most

事shì thing/ matter

做zuò to do

先xiān first

然rán后hòu then

喜xǐ 欢huān to like

蛋dàn 糕gāo cake


带dài to bring

回huí 来lái  to come back

放fàng to put

冰bīng 箱xiāng refrigerator

里lǐ inside

上shàng 班bān to go to work

Lesson 17.3

Buying fruit

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Buying fruit and discussing what your family like to eat and how to eat a special fruit

  • Use of 就
  • Use of 的
  • Strengthen the use of the sequence and 把

西xī 瓜guā watermelon

草căo 莓méi strawberry

菠bō 萝luó pineapple

橘jú 子zǐ tangerine

硬yìng hard

软ruăn soft

内nèi 行háng

甜tián sweet

其qí 实shí actually

方fāng 便biàn convenient

不bú 用yòng do not need

洗xǐ to wash

麻má 烦fán trouble

洗xǐ 一yì 洗xǐ to wash

就jiù (if)…..then (result)

Audio Review

The help you consolidate what you have learned in the first unit, we have put together a quick audio review recording. The audio review will help you with your listening comprehension and remind you of some Chinese sentence patterns and vocabulary.