Level 3 Unit 21

Lesson 21.1

Talking about course credits

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Talking to a friend about how many course credits you are taking this semester

  • busy doing something
  • extremely tired/ happy/ angry/ hungry/ thirsty
  • What subjects to take/ how many subjects to take?
  • When do the shops open or close?

上shàng  to go to

我wǒ 这zhè 儿r my place

我wǒ 那nà 儿r my place

开kāi 学xué to start school/ college

选xuăn to choose

门mén door & measure word for counting subjects

课kè class/ subject

学xué 期qí semester

只zhǐ only

学xué 分fēn credit (university)

轻qīng 松sōng easy/ not tight

念niàn to study/ to read

念niàn 书shū to study

功gōng 课kè school work

累lèi 死sǐ 了le so tired/ tiring

快kuài 要yào just about to

关guān 门mén to close the door

开kāi 门mén to open the door

打dă 烊yáng to close for the day (shops)

聊liáo to chat

图tú 书shū 馆guăn library

借jiè to borrow

借jiè 书shū to borrow/ check out books

Lesson 21.2

Talking about your major

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Talking to a friend about what to major in

  • the use of ‘decide’, ‘take’ (subject) and ‘major’
  • popular/ unpopular/ useful/ useless subjects
  • the use of ‘otherwise’
  • the use of ‘soon’

决jué 定dìng to decide

主zhŭ 修xiū to major/ major

副fù 修xiū to minor

社shè 会huì 学xué sociology

经jīng 济jì 学xué economics

跟gēn and

哇wa wow!

一yí 定dìng definitely

重zhòng heavy

轻qīng light

人rén 类lèi 学xué anthropology

觉jué 得de to feel/ to think to show opinions

冷lěng 门mén not a popular subject

热rè 门mén  hot topic/ popular subject

怕pà to be afraid

毕bì 业yè graduate

失shī 业yè unemployed

快kuài 点diăn quicker

做zuò 决jué 定dìng to make a decision

不bù 然rán otherwise

来lái 不bù 及jí won’t arrive/ be in time

Lesson 21.3

What are the library opening hours?

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Talking about the open hours of the city library

  • from what day to what day and from what time until what time
  • when the public facility open or have a break
  • the use of ‘看’as ‘try’
  • ‘来不及’cannot make it in time

开kāi 门mén open door

到dào to reach/ till

从cóng …..到dào from ….. till

市shì 立lì city-run

休xiū 息xí break/ to take a break

休xiū to rest/ to be off

就jiù as early as

早zăo 点diăn earlier

一yì 般bān normally

已yǐ 经jīng already

我wǒ 看kàn I reckon

赶găn 赶găn 看kàn to try to hurry up

或huò 许xŭ maybe

来lái 得de 及jí to make it on time

Audio Review

The help you consolidate what you have learned in this unit, we have put together a quick audio review recording. The audio review will help you with your listening comprehension and remind you of some Chinese sentence patterns and vocabulary.