Level 3 Unit 24

Lesson 24.1

“So what are we going to do”

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Discussing with a friend about what to do now. After reviewing all possibilities, in the end you decide to go home and do the report which is due soon.

  • review the use of 还是 as ‘final suggestion after reviewing options’
  • the use of 必须 have to
  • 我也是me too
  • 再 verb 一遍 to do ….. again

唱chàng 歌gē to sing

跳tiào 舞wŭ to dance

还hái 是shì  Final suggestion  after reviewing options  A or B ( in a question)

对duì correctly/ correct

必bì 须xū have to

报bào 告gào report

我wǒ 也yě 是shì me too/ me neither

剩shèng 下xià to have ….. left

结jié 尾wěi  ending/  finishing off

满măn 意yì  satisfactory/ satisfied

重chóng +V  redo something

一yí 遍biàn one time

再zài一yí 遍biàn one more time

Lesson 24.2


Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Talking about another person. Gossip 101

  • 觉得is use to express opinions
  • easy going, outgoing, quiet, introverted, naughty…. etc. adjectives to describe personalities
  • the use of 关于 regarding

跟gēn with/ and

熟shóu/shú 悉xī familiar

觉jué 得de  to feel/ think when giving opinion

人rén personality/ character

好hăo 相xiāng 处chŭ easy to get along with

随suí 和hé easy going

个gè 性xìng personality

安ān 静jìng quiet

内nèi 向xiàng introverted

像xiàng to take after/ to be like

外wài 向xiàng extroverted/ outgoing

活huó 泼pō energetic/ lively

调tiáo 皮pí naughty

篇piān measure word for counting articles

关guān 于yú about/ regarding

家jiā 庭tíng family

Lesson 24.3

An interview with a China hand

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Interview a person who has lived in China for a long time about his Chinas experience

  • the use of 替 for/ substitute
  • the use of 对 for/ to
  • useful vocabulary: to communicate/ to assign or send/ to accept/ to fit in/ friendly/ hospitable/ responsible/ responsibility/ life/ experience

接jiē 受shòu to accept

访făng 问wèn interview

部bù 落luò 格gé blog

博bó 客kè blog

替tì for/ instead of

请qǐng 教jiào to ask (formal)

生shēng 活huó life/ living

经jīng 验yàn experience

派pài to dispatch (person)

负fù 责zé to be responsible for/ in charge of

亚yă 洲zhōu Asia

市shì 场chăng market

非fēi 常cháng extremely/ incredibly

好hào 客kè hospitable

对duì toward/ to

友yǒu 善shàn friendly

员yuán 工gōng employee

认rèn 真zhēn diligent

沟gōu 通tōng to communicate

随suí 便biàn lax

不bú 大dà /不bú 太tài not much

适shì 应yìng to fit in

倒dăo 是shì but/ however/ on the other hand

今jīn 儿er 个ge today

太tài 阳yáng    the sun

阳yáng 伞săn umbrella for the sun

风fēng wind

闷mēn 热rè close/ hot and humid

Audio Review

The help you consolidate what you have learned in this unit, we have put together a quick audio review recording. The audio review will help you with your listening comprehension and remind you of some Chinese sentence patterns and vocabulary.