Level 3 Unit 25

Lesson 25.1

Talking about the weather

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Talking about the weather

  • the use of 却but, unexpected result
  • the use of 顺便 might as well, at the same time (no extra effort involved)
  • 很难说it’s difficult to say
  • 说变就变 change easily and quickly

海hăi 边biān beach

游yóu 泳yǒng to swim

突tú 然rán suddenly

打dă 雷léi to thunder

危wéi 险xiăn danger/ dangerous

吓xià 人rén scary

天tiān 气qì weather

却què but

公gōng 园yuán park

散sàn 步bù to take a walk

顺shùn 便biàn (道dào )might as well/  at the same time (no extra effort involved)

野yě 餐cān picnic

带dài to bring

把bă measure word for counting something with a handle

雨yŭ 伞săn umbrella for rain

很hěn 难nán 说shuōdifficult to say

变biàn to change

说shuō …..就jiù say it do it

说shuō 得de 也yě 是shì  you are not wrong!

多duō 变biàn changeable

有yǒu 名míng famous

接jiē to pick up (someone)

Lesson 25.2

Hot humid weather in the park

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Taking a walk in the park on a hot close day

  • more vocabulary about weather
  • 得要and 只要: require and only need
  • the use of 差点儿 almost/ nearly
  • the use of 提醒 to remind
  • 还好 fortunately
  • 尽管 take/ do as much as ….

停tíng 车chē to park

停tíng 车chē 场chăng parking lot/ car park

毛máo (钱qián )ten cents

帽mào 子zi hat/ cap

差chà 点diăn 儿er nearly (but didn’t)

提tí 醒xǐng to remind

擦cā to apply (ointment)

防fáng  晒shài 霜shuāng  suntan lotion

带dài to bring

不bù 好hăo 意yì 思si embarrassed

没méi 事shì 儿er That’s O.K..

尽jǐn 管guăn Take as much as you like.

冰bīng 淇qí 淋lín ice cream

终zhōng 于yú finally

凉liáng 快kuài to cool off/ cooled down

Lesson 25.3

It’s too hot!

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Still walking in the park. Decide to go home to have air-con which makes more sense.

  • 受得了and 受不了 can stand and cannot stand
  • 才….. 就
  • 而且 and/ moreover
  • 一点都不/没….. not …. at all
  • 看起来 look like
  • 如果if

受shòu 不bù 了liăo cannot take/ stand

受shòu 得de 了liăo can take/ stand

满măn 头tóu 大dà 汗hàn  sweat like a horse

流liú 汗hàn to sweat

一yì 身shēn a whole body

一yì 点diăn 都dōu + negative not at all

有yǒu 用yòng useful

没méi 用yòng useless

凉liáng 快kuài cooled down

看kàn 起qǐ 来lái (It) looks

好hăo 像xiàng to seem

如rú 果guǒ if

道dào 理lǐ  rationality/ sensibility

有yǒu 道dào 理lǐ to make sense/ sensible

吹chuī to blow

冷lěng 气qì air conditioner

Audio Review

The help you consolidate what you have learned in this unit, we have put together a quick audio review recording. The audio review will help you with your listening comprehension and remind you of some Chinese sentence patterns and vocabulary.