Level 3 Unit 26

Lesson 26.1

Getting a taxi to the airport

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Getting a taxi to the airport. Getting into a conversation with the driver

  • 送 to deliver and 接to pick up
  • 赶 to catch the public transportation in a hurry
  • 越来越…. more and more
  • the use of 谁叫….. as a consequence of …..
  • 一….. 就 ….. as soon as / when x then y

计jì 程chéng 车chē taxi

司sī 机jī driver

送sòng to deliver

首shǒu 都dū capital

机jī 场chăng airport

赶găn to catch (in a hurry)

快kuài 点diăn 儿er hurry up/ do faster

接jiē to pick up

到dào 处chù everywhere

越yuè 来lái 越yuè… more and more

像xiàng to be like

变biàn 成chéng + Noun to become

谁shéi 叫jiào as a consequence of …..

发fā 展zhăn to develop/ development

没méi 错cuò right/ correctly

这zhè 几jǐ 年nián in recent years

特tè (别bié )special/ specially

一yì ……就jiù  as soon as….. / when …x..then..y…

Lesson 26.2

A typical taxi conversation

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Typical taxi conversation: probing privacy

  • 大概 ….. 左右 around
  • 可is used to express ‘indeed’ and ‘finally’
  • 每….. 都 ….
  • the difference between 合适 and 适合

普pŭ 通tōng 话huà mandarin

大dà 概gài about/ around/ probably

左zuǒ 右yòu  or so

怪guài 不bù 得dé no wonder

可kě indeed/ certainly

可kě+ resultative/ directional finally

想xiăng to miss as to think about

每měi 年nián every year

趟tàng measure word for counting trips

去qù 年nián last year

通tōng measure word for counting phone calls

找zhăo 到dào have found

合hé 适shì suitable

对duì 象xiàng object/ target

眼yăn 光guāng standard/ taste (the way you judge things and people )

赚zhuàn 钱qián to earn money

Lesson 26.3

Complaining about a delayed flight

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Complaining about the delay of the flight and receiving the formal apology

  • the use of 老是always
  • the difference of 迟到and 误点
  • the use of 结果 result
  • the use of 造成 to cause

洛luò 杉shān 矶jī L.A.

班bān 机jī flight

到dào to arrive

老lăo 是shì always

误wù 点diăn delayed (public transport)

起qǐ 飞fēi to take off (plane)

起qǐ 雾wù to get foggy

结jié 果guǒ as a result

迟chí delayed action

造zào 成chéng to cause

不bú 便biàn inconvenience

抱bào 歉qiàn apologetic

安ān 全quán safety

第dì 一yī first

有yǒu 理lǐ to make sense

等děng 人rén to wait for someone

无wú 聊liáo boring

打dă 发fā to kill time or to get rid of someone

时shí 间jiān time

前qián 边biān 儿er the front/ ahead

旁páng 边biān 儿er to the side

Audio Review

The help you consolidate what you have learned in this unit, we have put together a quick audio review recording. The audio review will help you with your listening comprehension and remind you of some Chinese sentence patterns and vocabulary.