Level 3 Unit 27

Lesson 27.1

Picking up a friend at the airport

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Picking up a friend at the airport

  • the difference between 将近‘nearly’ and差点儿 ‘nearly’
  • 将近,大概,左右,差不多
  • the use of 反而on the other hand/ but
  • the use of 等到

将jiāng 近jìn (+quantity)nearly

又yòu …..又yòu and

困kùn sleepy

渴kě thirsty

饿è hungry

饱băo full

见jiàn 面miàn to meet

反făn 而ér on the other hand/ but

入rù to enter

境jìng border

随suí to follow

俗sú customs

离lí 开kāi to leave

Lesson 27.2

You’ve got too much luggage!

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Nagging about your friend bringing so much luggage

  • review: Subject + adjective + 得 + degree (a clause)
  • 让 and 替
  • 这那算多 it doesn’t count much

行xíng 李lǐ luggage

拿ná to hold in hand

交jiāo 通tōng traffic

乱luàn chaotic

没méi 法fă cannot

咱zán 们men we (including you)

搭dā to take (transport)

件jiàn measure word for counting luggage

后hòu 车chē 厢xiāng trunk/ boot

这zhè 哪nă 算suàn 多duō  doesn’t count as much

日rì 用yòng 品pǐn necessities

箱xiāng 子zi box/ suitcase

加jiā 上shàng add/ and

手shǒu 提tí 袋dài (包bāo ) shoulder/ handbag

背bēi 包bāo backpack/ rucksack

罗luō 唆suō nagging/ petty

娶qŭ a man marries to a woman

嫁jià a woman marries to a man

老lăo 婆pó wife (slang)

老lăo 公gōng husband

让ràng to ask/ make/ let

替tì for/ to substitute

里lǐ 面miàn inside

Lesson 27.3

“I’ve reserved you a room”

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Describing the room you reserved for your friend

  • 没事,去….. 走走/ 逛逛/晃晃
  • A 离 B 多远?How far is A from B?
  • 预订 to reserve
  • the use of 标准
  • measure words: 支,条,瓶,块
  • the use of 需要 need

离lí  away from

远yuăn far

大dà 概gài …..左zuǒ 右yòu

隔gé 壁bì next door

过guò 来lái to come over

晃huàng 晃huàng to hang around

预yù 订dìng to reserve

间jiān measure word for counting rooms

房fáng 间jiān room

标biāo 准zhŭn standard

一yì 般bān regular/ normal

浴yù 室shì bathroom

空kōng 调tiáo air-condition

免miăn 费fèi free of charge

网wăng 路lù internet

需xū 要yào to need

支zhī measure word for counting sticks

牙yá 刷shuā toothbrush

牙yá 膏gāo toothpaste

瓶píng measure word for counting bottles

洗xǐ 发fă 精jīng shampoo

我wǒ 的de 天tiān my God

杂zá 货huò 店diàn corner shop

可kě 能néng  maybe

肥féi 皂zào soap

块kuài measure word; piece/ bar

Audio Review

The help you consolidate what you have learned in this unit, we have put together a quick audio review recording. The audio review will help you with your listening comprehension and remind you of some Chinese sentence patterns and vocabulary.