Level 3 Unit 29

Lesson 29.1

Receiving a letter from a friend

Lesson summary and vocabulary

Receiving a letter from a friend who advises how you should learn Chinese

  • adjective + 地 + verb
  • 总有一天 eventually
  • the use of 一定 certain/ definitely
  • the use of 这样 in this way

收shōu 到dào received

信xìn letter

看kàn 懂dǒng understood

看kàn 得de 懂dǒng can understand

地de adverb suffix

好hăo 好hăo 地de properly

耐nài 心xīn patient/ patience

走zǒu 路lù to walk

慢màn slow

边biān  …..  边biān …. do … and … at the same time

总zǒng 有yǒu 一yì 天tiān  eventually

字zì word/ character

句jù sentence

着zhāo 急jí in a rush/ anxious

一yí 定dìng definitely

用yòng 心xīn put heart to it

这zhè 样yàng in this way

Lesson 29.2

“Which platform does the train leave from?”

Lesson summary and vocabulary

Going to take a train but not sure which platform to go to, so need to ask someone

  • the use of Verb + 着 like V-ing
  • Verb1 + 着 + Verb2, Verb1 indicates the status how Verb2 is done, e.g. 站着聊天 standing to chat
  • the use of 确定 sure

上shàng 面miàn on top

写xiě 着zhe writing

月yuè 台tái platform

广guăng 播bō announcement

改găi to amend/ correct

听tīng 错cuò misheard

确què 定dìng sure

好了 like 吧 to express a suggestion

制zhì 服fú uniform

指zhǐ to indicate/ point

站zhàn 着zhe standing

坐zuò 着zhe sitting

吸xī 烟yān to smoke

全quán complete/ all

浅qiăn shallow/ light (color)

蓝lán 色sè blue color

Lesson 29.3

Having a chat on the train

Lesson summary and vocabulary

Having a chat with a friend on the train

  • 总比 ….. 好 after all better than …..
  • the use of 够 enough
  • 回想 thinking back
  • 一方面 ….. 另一方面 ….. on one hand and on the other hand
  • the use of 一直 constantly/ always

够gòu enough

耐nài 心xīn地de/di patiently

总zǒng 比bǐ  ….好hăo

after all better than…

at the end of the day better than

真zhēn 正zhèng actual

期qí term

学xué 期qí semester

当dāng 初chū originally/ in the beginning

请qǐng to ask/ hire someone to do…..

市shì 场chăng market

研yán 究jiù research

一yì 方fāng 面miàn ….另lìng 一yì 方fāng 面miàn

on one hand ….. and one the other hand

重zhòng 要yào  important

一yì 直zhí continuously / always

变biàn 化huà to change

听tīng 起qǐ 来lái to sound

如rú 果guǒ if

如rú 果guǒ…..的de 话huà

Audio Review

The help you consolidate what you have learned in this unit, we have put together a quick audio review recording. The audio review will help you with your listening comprehension and remind you of some Chinese sentence patterns and vocabulary.