Level 3 Unit 30

Lesson 30.1

A stolen car!

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Your car is stolen. Your friend calls the police and finds out that it has not been stolen but was towed for illegal parking.

  • using 被to form passive
  • 用 ….. 的using the method of …..

满măn 头tóu 大dà 汗hàn to sweat like a horse

被bèi passive marker

偷tōu to steal

用yòng to use

报bào 警jǐng to report to the police

警jǐng 察chá police

公gōng 安ān public security/ police

差chā bad (ability; service)

西xī west

东dōng east

南nán south

北běi north

驾jià 照zhào driver’s license

记jì 得dé to remember

车chē 号hào  number plate

护hù 照zhào passport

秘mì 书shū secretary

拿ná to take

走zǒu (resultative) away/ to go away

被bèi 笑xiào being laughed (at)

顿dùn measure word for meal

违wéi 规guī against the regulation

被bèi 拖tuō 走zǒu being towed away

Lesson 30.2

Buying souvenirs

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Asking a friend for advice on buying souvenirs

  • the difference between 你看 and 看你
  • ….. 比较好 ….. is the best
  • 根据 according
  • 千万 by all means 千万别 by no means

上shàng 街jiē go to high (main) street

纪jì 念niàn 品pǐn souvenir

你nǐ 看kàn what’s your opinion

看kàn 你nǐ it’s up to you

旗qí 袍páo a kind of Chinese dress

可kě 能néng maybe

总zǒng in general

服fú 务wù 员yuán waiter

那nà 容róng 易yì that’s easy

根gēn 据jù according to

套tào measure word/ set

茶chá 具jù tea set

丝sī 织zhī 品pǐn silk products

有yǒu 名míng famous

千qiān 万wàn 别bié by no means

不bù 一yí 定dìng it depends/ not certain

Lesson 30.3

“I got the scholarship”

Lesson summary and vocabulary list

Very excited to receive a scholarship which you thought was hopeless, however….

  • the use of 本来originally and 结果 end up (actually)
  • the use of 以为assume incorrectly
  • 让 + person = 被 passive maker
  • 吃的,喝的 food and drinks
  • the difference between 请and 邀请

开kāi 心xīn pleased

申shēn 请qǐng to apply

奖jiăng 学xué 金jīn scholarship

为wèi for

本běn 来lái originally

以yǐ 为wéi thought wrongly

希xī 望wàng hope

成chéng 功gōng 地de successfully

没méi 想xiăng 到dào  did not occur to

优yōu 秀xiù outstanding

开kāi 玩wán 笑xiào  to joke/ to tease

运yùn 气qì luck

庆qìng 祝zhù to celebrate

那nà 不bù 成chéng 问wèn 题tí no problem

拿ná …..出chū 来lái to take ….. out

让ràng + person =被bèi  passive marker

邀yāo 请qǐng to invite

吃chī 的de food

喝hē 的de drinks

香xiāng 槟bīn Champagne

借jiè to lend/ to borrow

椅yǐ 子zi chair

搬bān to move

音yīn 乐yuè music

Audio Review

The help you consolidate what you have learned in this unit, we have put together a quick audio review recording. The audio review will help you with your listening comprehension and remind you of some Chinese sentence patterns and vocabulary.